Military Moves

Moving Services For Those Who Serve

If you’re active-duty military, and are willing to load and unload your gear, SureMove can save you a bundle on your move. SureMove offers a military move discount, and you may be able to keep the difference between the low cost of our self-service moves and the government reimbursement.

With a Personally Procured Move (PPM)—formerly known as the DITY move—you could be reimbursed for up to 95% of your moving costs. Personnel making Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Temporary Duty (TDY), or Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) moves, or separating, retiring, or moving to or from government housing, may be eligible.

Every situation is different, so be sure to verify eligibility with your base’s transportation office.

Plus, when you use Estes SureMove, you’ll:

  • Receive 10% off your self-service move of $840 or more (with valid identification)
  • Pay 50% to 60% less than you typically would for a full-service move
  • Pay just a little more than you would for a rental truck, but won’t have to drive
  • Enjoy the biggest cost savings on long-distance moves
  • Pocket the difference between the military reimbursement and our low cost

Our parent company, Estes, is an approved carrier for the Federal Government, and has decades of experience in moving government freight. So you can move with peace of mind, knowing that your gear is in good hands.

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