Apartment Moves

Apartment Moving Services

If you’re planning a move to or from an apartment or townhome, Estes SureMove offers a reliable self-service moving solution that can help you save money—particularly on interstate moves. 

With SureMove, you simply pack and prepare your items, then load them into a trailer that we'll drop off at your apartment or townhome. Once you're loaded up and ready to go, we'll move your belongings to your new apartment—all you have to do is unload! 

Benefits of SureMove moving services 
  • You pay only for the trailer space you use
  • You won’t need to rent a moving truck
  • Our experienced drivers will transport your belongings
  • You’ll enjoy free liability coverage when you provide a packing list in advance
Requirements for a successful move 

One of the keys to a successful apartment move with SureMove is to confirm that there is adequate space and access for our trailer:

  • 40 feet of space on the ground is required to accommodate the 28-foot trailer and its ramp
  • For adequate clearance, the trailer needs 15 feet of vertical space; please check for any overhead obstructions
  • The parking surface must be flat, level, and preferably asphalt
    • As concrete surfaces may crack, some terminals require a signed waiver from apartment management
    • Any gravel parking surface must be approved by the terminal
    • We’re unable to park on dirt or grass
  • Dirt roads leading to the apartment may also affect whether we can access your location
  • If parking on the street, a permit may need to be acquired from your city or town
Get a quote for your move 

If you’ve got the space for our trailer, SureMove is a reliable, cost-saving solution for your apartment move. Get a free moving quote today!

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