Liability Coverage

SureMove includes $10,000 of Declared Value Coverage on every move.

Additional Declared Value Coverage may be purchased for coverage up to $100,000 maximum per shipment at a cost of fifty cents per $100 of coverage.

To qualify, a packing list must be completed and provided prior to the move. This packing list will detail the value per item you wish to cover.  Coverage is against catastrophic loss due to collision or overturn of transporting land conveyance, Acts of God, water damage due to holes in trailer, fire, smoke, explosion, riot or civil commotion and theft of entire trailer. Coverage commences once the fifth wheel has been connected to the trailer.  Coverage ceases once trailer has been tendered at destination or 90 days after receipt of container by Estes SureMove, whichever occurs first. Damages must be reported within three (3) days of delivery.

Damages such as gouges, scratches, nicks, broken table legs, etc. are excluded because SureMove does not pack, package or load your items.

If a packing list is not received prior to the delivery of the empty trailer for loading, the shipment will be covered by SureMove Standard Liability Coverage and is limited to ten cent per pound per item. This coverage is based strictly on the weight of each item, not the declared value. The coverage only applies to damage that Estes SureMove causes such as water leaking into the trailer, fire, trailer accident/roll over or theft of the entire trailer. Damages must be reported within three (3) days of delivery. 

The two coverage options cannot be combined.

To order additional Declared Value Coverage, contact our customer support team at (866) 347-2260.

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