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  • What our quote will include:

    Quotes for our self-moving services cover the SureMove driver, SureMove trailer, ramp, partition, taxes, fuel, tolls, and mileage; when a packing list is provided in advance, $10,000 of Declared Value Coverage is also included.

  • Add-on services are available for additional fees

    Same-Day Pickup or Live Load moving services are available, as well as additional liability coverage; in limited locations, Saturday trailer arrival and pickup are also available. If you have questions about pricing, please contact our customer support team at (866) 347-2260.

  • Quotes are valid for 30 days

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  • NOTE:

    Reservation requests are not fully reserved until a signed contract is received by ESTES SUREMOVE.

    All requested move dates are subject to availability by the servicing terminals and will be reviewed and confirmed by a move coordinator.

    All locations will be reviewed for accessibility by move coordinators and final approval will be provided by the terminal manager.

    You have up to 3 days to load or unload your trailer from the time of its arrival. No trailer arrivals or pickups can be scheduled on Sundays or holidays.

    Transit times do not include the day of pickup, weekends, or holidays. Outlying areas may require additional transit days.

Liability Statement

Customer is solely responsible for doing their own packing and unpacking. Proper packing material and/or protective padding and security is to be provided by Customer. Customer must adhere to SureMove’s Do Not Haul List (covering prohibited articles) and agrees not to load or pack any of the items appearing on such list in the SureMove trailer. If a SureMove partition is provided, it is Customer’s responsibility to install the partition according to the directions. SureMove is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing or loading. SureMove liability begins when SureMove picks up the trailer at point of origin and ceases when the trailer has been dropped at the delivery destination. SureMove must be notified immediately of any loss or damage. All claims must be filed with SureMove within nine months from date of delivery. In addition to the foregoing, SureMove’s maximum liability shall be either: The actual loss or damage not exceeding ten (10) cents per pound of the weight of any lost or damaged article; OR Customer may purchase declared value coverage up to $100,000 per shipment at a cost of fifty cents per $100 of coverage, with a minimum charge of $50 (This equals $10,000 of coverage). A packing list will be provided which must be completed prior to the move, on which customer would notate the items and value of items to be covered.  This declared value coverage is effective for 90 days and begins the day of pickup of the loaded trailer.  Declared value coverage only applies to damage caused by Estes SureMove (fire, water, lost/stolen trailer, or trailer accident). Purchase of declared value coverage replaces SureMove's existing coverage which is included at no additional charge and is limited to ten cents per pound. Standard coverage is based strictly on the weight of the item, not value.  Any additional coverage should be discussed with your SureMove agent. Some individual Homeowner’s Insurance Policies or Rental Insurance Policies have provisions or can add a rider or floater to protect a household move. SureMove suggests you check with your insurance provider before making your household move. Please consult your SureMove contract for the specific terms and conditions applicable to your move.

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