How It Works

How SureMove self-moving services work

SureMove runs on the vast nationwide transportation network of Estes, the largest privately-held freight transportation company in North America. SureMove delivers a reliable, self-service moving container solution for homes and businesses that’s backed by Estes’ resources, equipment, and award-winning service.

Here's what you can expect:

We drop off the trailer.

The day you’re scheduled to begin loading, we’ll bring one of Estes’ 28-foot trailers to your residence or business location; this “pup” is a little more than half the size of a typical tractor trailer. Use our handy guide to estimate how much trailer space you’ll need. If you need more or less space than your estimate, no worries—you’ll only pay for the container space you use. 

You load.

Once the trailer arrives at your home or business, you’ll have three days to load before we return to pick it up. Break a sweat or hire help—either way, the packing and loading is left to you. Most moving customers need only in one or two days to load, but if you need more time, just ask.

If you need additional moving services such as Same-Day Pickup or Live Load, where the driver waits for you to finish loading, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some things to keep in mind when loading:

  • Be sure to pack properly. We’ll show you how to pack, but you’ll need to correctly load boxes and brace items using tie-down ratchet straps, bungee cords, or rope. We suggest wedging softer items (pillows and bedding) in plastic bags between boxes and furniture to fill gaps in the container and keep items from shifting while in transit. Note that claims cannot be filed for damages determined to be the result of poor packing.
  • Use the ramp. The SureMove trailer sits off the ground, so we’ll provide a 12-foot ramp to assist you in moving boxes and furniture into the trailer.
  • Install a partition. You won’t share the trailer space with other moving customers, but if there is space available, it will be filled with commercial freight and you will need to install a partition to keep your items separate. The partition is provided, and is easily installed with straps that connect to the sides of the container.

We'll move your belongings.

After you finish loading your items into the trailer’s nose (directly behind the truck), the driver will return as scheduled, and begin transporting them to your new home or office.

You'll unload.

After a brief stop at the servicing terminal closest to your new location, we’ll bring the trailer to your new home or office. Once it arrives, you’ll have three days to unload before we return to pick up the empty trailer.

Ready for a reliable, self-service solution that helps you move your household items or office equipment for less? Get a quote for our self-moving services today.


  • Reservation requests are not fully reserved until a signed contract is received by ESTES SUREMOVE
  • All requested move dates are subject to availability by the servicing terminals and will be reviewed and confirmed by a move coordinator
  • All locations will be reviewed for accessibility by move coordinators and final approval will be provided by the terminal manager
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