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Payment and Quotes

Your shipment will be measured at our servicing center, and payment will be taken while your trailer is in route to your destination. No deposit required.

Then you don't pay for it. You only pay for the space you use, whether that is more or less than is estimated.

With Mastercard, American Express, Visa, or debit card. With manager approval, we can sometimes take wire transfers or ACH payments.

Yes, but you would be responsible to pay for the full 28 feet of trailer space.

Your all-in-one quote includes your driver, the trailer, ramp and partition, plus taxes, fuel, tolls, and mileage. You will need the 12-foot ramp to get from the ground into the trailer.


Yes. Every move includes $10,000 of Declared Value Coverage for damage such as fire, trailer roll over, water damage or theft of entire trailer. However, most damages occur due to shifting on the road, which we do not cover. We don't cover shifting damages because they are caused by improper packing. Which is to say: Pack properly!

If a packing list is not received prior to the delivery of the empty trailer for loading, the shipment will be covered by SureMove Standard Liability Coverage and is limited to ten cent per pound per item.

Absolutely. Additional Declared Value Coverage may be purchased for coverage up to $100,000 maximum per shipment at a cost of fifty cents per $100 of coverage.

Coverage is for damage such as fire, trailer roll over or water damage or theft of entire trailer.  However, most damages occur due to shifting on the road, which we do not cover.  We don't cover shifting damages because they are caused by improper packing.  Since you pack your belongings into the trailer, it is essential to make sure everything is packed properly!

To order additional Declared Value Coverage, contact our customer support team at (866) 347-2260.


No. Due to increased freight volumes, Estes SureMove will no longer offer storage on household goods shipments until further notice.

No, our service is not designed for that. It is specifically for loading, moving, and unloading.


Loading and Unloading

Nope! That's why we're such a lower cost. You can either load yourself, or hire help. Even if you hire help, you will likely still save money compared to a full-service moving company.

You have up to three full loading days if needed—the drop-off and pick up day are not included. Weekend days are included toward the three days for loading. You do not need to use all three days, and most customers only need one or two.

Yes, you can use ratchet straps, bungee cords, tie downs, and ropes to secure your stuff. You will need to correctly load boxes and brace your stuff using tie-down ratchet straps, bungee cords, or rope. You'll also want to wedge softer items (pillows and other bedding in a large plastic bag) between boxes and furniture to fill in gaps and keep your belongings from shifting while the truck is in motion. Important note: You cannot file a claim for damages that are determined to be the result of poor packing.

  1. We can drop the trailer off in the morning and pick it back up in the evening for a $150 fee.
  2. We can have the driver stay with the trailer for up to an hour while you load for a $100 fee per additional hour.
  3. You can bring your goods to our terminal and load your goods there (discounted rate).

No. If you want to ship your car, we recommend checking UShip.com for car shipping quotes.

We do not offer moving labor — it's how we save on costs. If you don't want to load yourself,  we can connect you with a moving partner that can provide pricing for labor to load or unload, packing your belongings and moving supplies, such as blankets, boxes, etc..

View our Space Estimator to assess how much space you will need based on your square footage. Along with this estimate, you will have a per footage rate to calculate the cost of using more or less space. Remember, you only pay for the space you use.

Check with the city and see what the regulations are. Get no parking signs if possible from the city's public works department (or similar). If the city will not allow the trailer to be dropped, we suggest loading at our terminal for a discounted rate.

The Trailer

The trailer we provide you is 28-feet long – and rests off the ground, unlike a portable self-storage container. How big is 28 feet? The trucks you typically see on a highway are pulling 53-foot trailers. Therefore, your SureMove “pup” trailer will be just over half as long, but similarly as high and wide. It's big.

Check with management of the storage unit or apartment/condo about where to park the trailer and confirm how long it can stay onsite and the hours of access.

Depending on the city, you may need something in writing from management to prove we can park the trailer. We offer same-day pickup and live load (the driver sticks around) if you need to get the trailer out quickly.

Be sure to give us a gate code if possible for storage unit access.

Extended, the ramp is 12 feet off the back of the trailer. It is two feet wide and can hold a maximum of 1,000 pounds.

You need 40 feet of length for the trailer and ramp, 10 feet of clearance for the width, and 14.5 feet of clearance for the height of the trailer.

If you provide us with your address, we would be happy to check on Google Maps, or you can send pictures. This does not guarantee we will be able to service the move, and that choice is ultimately up to the driver to determine if the trailer will fit safely.

We offer a terminal load/unload. You can visit one of our nearest service centers (terminals) and load or unload during a designated time. You will get one day to load or unload, or a two-day maximum unless special arrangements have been made with the terminal.

Yes, for an additional charge. You will have to confirm if you can accept two trailers at the same time at origin and/or destination.

We offer 53 and 28-foot trailers. For the state of California, we only service the 28-foot trailers.

Between 43 and 50 feet in length, not including the ramp.

No, the remaining space that is left on the trailer will be used for commercial business to business freight from places like Home Depot, Amazon, or Lowes.

Yes, while it is in your possession. We prefer you use a combination lock. The lock needs to be removed before picking up the trailer. We don't like having to destroy your lock (though cutting them is kind of fun). We are not responsible for cut or lost locks.


Reservations are based on availability. During the peak season (May through August), we recommend booking at least a month before your desired move date. For the rest of the year, we suggest at least a week prior.

The time window will be pre-determined by the terminal to what best fits in their schedule. If you try to change the time window to a different time slot, there is a $75 fee and no guarantee that the time will be available.

No. At least not yet.

In some areas, for a $350 fee. Check with a SureMove representative to see if this service is available in your area.

We do not drive on these holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Yes, as long as there is availability.

No, you must provide a valid delivery address in order to book a move. All locations will be reviewed for accessibility by a move coordinator with final approval provided by the terminal managers.

Got questions about SureMove? Well, we have answers about SureMove. Reach out anytime if you have a question or concern not listed here.

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