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Corporate Relocation

Got employees on the move? Save costs on the relocation.

For businesses that need to move workers to a new office a few states away or across the country, save with SureMove. We’re an ideal choice for small or mid-sized businesses that want to save their hard-earned dollars. Here’s how SureMove works.

To receive a corporate relocation quote, fill out our Quote and select a home size that is equivalent to that of your office. If you need assistance, call our dedicated customer service team at (866) 347-2260.

Additional Services

Need additional moving services? We can help.


Due to increased freight volumes, Estes SureMove will no longer offer storage on household goods shipments until further notice.

Same-Day Pickup: $150

We give you three days to load, but some customers just need — or only have — a few hours. We will need to charge a little extra to drop off the trailer and get back out to you in the same day, but you won’t have to keep the trailer on the property overnight. Same-Day Pickup is often used by apartment renters.

Live Load: $100 an hour

If time is in short supply, the driver will stick around until you’re ready to ship out. A Live Load is often requested by customers in special circumstances, such as moving from within a big city where space is tight (and parking attendants are watching).

To set up, Same-Day Pickup, or Live Load, contact our customer support team at (866) 347-2260.

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