Save a load with our self-moving services

Interstate or long-distance moves can be stressful and expensive—but they don’t have to be. When you choose Estes SureMove, you’re choosing a reliable, self-moving service that helps you save money and stress less on your next long-distance household or office move.

With Estes SureMove, you simply pack and prepare your items for the move, then load them into the 28-foot trailer we’ve dropped off at your home or office. Once you’re loaded up and ready to go, we’ll drive the trailer to your new destination—then all you have to do is unload!

In a full-service move, paying for labor will account for most of your moving costs. With SureMove, you perform that labor and save the cost. That’s why our self-moving services typically cost 50% to 60% less than a full-service move.

When you rent a truck, you have to spend your valuable time behind the wheel, driving a very large and unfamiliar vehicle. With SureMove moving services, you can leave the driving—and your valuable possessions—in hands of skilled professionals. And you’ll only pay for the trailer space you use.

Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, SureMove can make your move less stressful and less expensive—particularly for interstate moves. Get a quote for our moving services today

Additional Service Information

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide Coverage

    Estes is an award-winning freight carrier with more than 22,000 dedicated employees and nearly 250 terminals (service centers) to handle interstate and long-distance moves.

  • Military Discounts

    Military Discounts

    Active-duty personnel who are willing to load and unload their gear can save with a government reimbursement and a 10% discount off our moving services on moves of $840 or more.

  • Additional Moving Services

    Additional Moving Services

    SureMove offers dedicated customer support as well as Same-Day Pickup and Live Load services where the driver is ready to move as soon as you finish loading.

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