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Moving company services. SureMove offers the options you need. Try moving trailer rental instead of driving a moving truck!

Services: Estes SureMove Is Your Source for Moving Trailer Rental

A Reputable Moving Company with Solutions That Work

When it comes to moving, there are many bases to cover, and you may have many questions that need answering. Two big questions are what moving company should you choose, and how much will it cost? Let Estes SureMove answer both questions, and save you time and money on your next move! Whether you are heading a few blocks away, the next city over, or halfway across the country, our relocation services can help you transport everything efficiently, and let you get back to packing!

Moving Trailer Rental: The Convenient and Cost-Effective Middle Ground

Estes SureMove offers cost-effective moving services that allow you to save money by packing and loading everything yourself on a moving trailer. You then turn the driving over to a licensed, experienced truck driver. In the process, you retain control over how your personal belongings are treated without the hassle of driving a traditional moving truck.


With Estes SureMove as Your Moving Company, It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. We deliver a moving trailer at your residence.
  2. You have 3 days to load your household goods on the trailer.
  3. We then pick up the moving trailer and take it to your new residence, where you have 3 days to unload your belongings.

How We Keep Your Costs Down with Our Moving Trailer Rental Services

SureMove provides a partition for moves that require less than 28' linear feet on the trailer. After you've loaded your belongings, you put up the partition to separate them from other freight that we will load on the moving trailer. When we utilize the entire trailer rather than just the portion you use, we are making better use of space and fuel, and that makes your move even more affordable. In the end, you pay only for the portion you use rather than the cost of an entire piece of equipment like when you rent a moving truck.


A Moving Company with a Nationwide, Coast-to-Coast Service Area

Estes SureMove's service area includes the 48 mainland states. No matter where you need to hire a truck for moving within the mainland U.S., we've got you covered.


Storage for Your Moving Trailer Rental

The Estes SureMove center nearest your new residence can provide short-term storage of your moving trailer rental for $20 per day.


Guaranteed Service

If you need extra assurance that the moving truck will show up at your new residence on a specific day or time, talk to the SureMove representative. In most locations, we can guarantee a delivery date and/or time for an additional charge. (Some exceptions apply.)


Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Military Move

Estes SureMove is also a great lower-cost solution for military "Do-It-Yourself" (DITY) moves. Not only do you save by doing the packing and loading yourself, but we also offer a military discount, too. Plus, you don't have to drive a big moving truck!

Be sure to check in with your Traffic Management Office to find out what forms you'll need. We will also supply you with the weight tickets for a small fee. You will find more information about doing a relocation budget plan on the Department of Defense website.


Corporate Relocation

A moving company like Estes SureMove is also a great option for corporate relocation. With SureMove, you make the most of your moving allowance while maintaining a lot more control over how your belongings are treated. And it's always a big relief to turn the driving of the big moving truck over to the professionals!

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