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A rental trailer makes moving easy. Estes SureMove is a reliable moving company you can depend on.

How It Works: Choosing a Rental Trailer Instead of a Traditional Moving Truck

When you rent from Estes SureMove, you get peace of mind knowing that your next move will be a smooth one. We offer a cost-effective moving solution that allows you to take your time, and save a little money in the process. Here's how it works:

  1. After you schedule a move, we bring one of Estes’ 28-foot rental trailers to your residence, along with a security partition and a ramp. It’s okay if you need either more or less space on the rental trailer than your original estimation—you only pay for the space you use. (Want to be in the ballpark? Use our handy Space Estimator.)
  2. You have 3 days to load the rental trailer before we pick it up. Just as you would if you were renting a truck for moving, be sure to brace your things tightly using tie-down ratchet straps, bungee cords or rope. Also, wedge softer items (pillows and other bedding in a large plastic bag) between boxes and furniture to fill in the gaps and keep your belongings from shifting while the moving truck is in motion.
  3. Once you have all of your belongings loaded in the nose of the rental trailer (right behind the cab), you install the simple-to-use partition to keep your freight separate and secure.
  4. When the rental trailer arrives at our regional service center nearest your new location, we contact you and schedule a time to bring the rental trailer to your new residence
  5. You have 3 days to unload your freight before we come and pick up the empty rental trailer.

It is that easy! There is no hassle and no rush. And in the end, you complete your do-it-yourself move efficiently and effectively. Call us today to get started, and find why so many people have trusted Estes SureMove for over 80 years!

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