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Frequently Asked Questions: Moving Trailer Rental Explained

The Basics of Moving Trailer Rental

Space Compared to the Traditional Moving Truck

Scheduling Your Moving Trailer Rental

Help Packing Your Moving Trailer

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The Basics of Moving Trailer Rental


Q: Exactly how does moving company Estes SureMove's process work?

  1. After you schedule a move, we bring a 28' moving trailer to your residence, along with a security partition and a ramp. Occassionally, larger trailers or more than one 28' moving trailer may be required. If you estimate you will need more than one trailer, but you only use one during the actual move, a small fee applies for the second (unused) trailer.
  2. You have up to 3 days to load the moving trailer(s) and secure your belongings before we pick them up.
  3. Once you have loaded and secured all of your belongings in the nose of the trailer (right behind the cab), you install the simple-to-use partition to keep your freight separate.
  4. We then pick up the trailer(s) and take it to our regional service center.
  5. Any remaining trailer space is loaded with other commercial freight bound for the same region as your new residence.
  6. The additional freight is offloaded at the regional location nearest to your new residence. We then deliver the trailer(s) to your new location, according to your scheduled delivery date.
  7. You have up to 3 days to unload your belongings before we come and pick up the empty moving trailer.

Q: How can I get a rate for moving trailer rental?

To request a rate, provide your origin and destination information, along with the date of your move and the residence size, in the Free Moving Estimate tool found on every page on our site. The Space Estimator will help you determine the size of your residence.

You can also call SureMove directly at 866-347-2260 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST or email your request to WeDrive@EstesSureMove.com.


Q: Is there any way I can get a cheaper rate?

Call us to find out how you can save by moving during off-peak times (mid-week or mid-month).


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about your moving company services?

During business hours (8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST), customers can call 866-347-2260 with any questions or concerns. The SureMove team will provide you with an emergency-only number for any issues that occur during non-business hours.

Space Compared to the Traditional Moving Truck


Q: How big is the moving trailer?

The most common trailer size is 28 feet. The inside of the trailer is about 9 feet tall and over 8 feet wide. You'd be surprised how much can fit in the trailer. To help you determine the number of feet you'll need in your moving trailer rental, we provide you with a handy Space Estimator. All you need to know is the number of rooms you're moving—the Space Estimator does the rest for you. And if by chance you overestimate, you only pay for the space you actually use rather than the entire thing…like when you rent a moving truck!


Q: How much space will I need?

Our Space Estimator will help you determine how many feet you'll need on the moving trailer. If you use less space than you expected, you only pay for the space on the trailer you use. If you order two trailers, but don't use at least a portion of the second one, there will be a small drop fee for the second trailer.


Q: What if I need more than one 28-foot moving trailer?

We can provide a second trailer up front, but if at least a portion of the second trailer is not used, a drop fee will apply. If you've ordered only one trailer, but you fill it up and still have more to pack, call the Estes SureMove team at 866-347-2260 to schedule another moving trailer rental.

Scheduling Your Moving Trailer Rental


Q: How long do I have to load the trailer?

You will have up to 3 days to load your belongings before the driver will come to retrieve the moving trailer. If you choose to lock the trailer when you're not actively loading it, make arrangements with the Estes SureMove team to make sure it's unlocked when the driver arrives. Otherwise, you may be responsible for paying for the entire trailer rather than only the space you use.


Q: How long do I have to unload the moving trailer?

You will also have 3 calendar days to unload your belongings.


Q: What if I finish loading or unloading early?

If you're finished loading or unloading before the third day, and if it's during the regular work week, contact us at 866-347-2260 or by email at WeDrive@EstesSureMove.com. The Estes SureMove team will go ahead and arrange for pickup of the trailer as soon as possible.


Q: What if I'm not ready after 3 days?

If you're not ready for us to pick up the moving trailer after 3 days (loading or unloading), there is a $50/day fee. (You will find complete details in your contract.) Contact the Estes SureMove representative as soon as you know you will exceed the 3-day limit. (When a third day falls on a weekend, some exceptions may/will apply.)


Q: Can Estes SureMove drop off a moving trailer on the weekend?

The Estes SureMove representative can help you schedule the best drop-off date. Regular drop-off days are Monday through Friday. If a Saturday drop-off is desired, there will be an additional fee. No drop-offs or pickups are available on Sundays.


Q: Do Saturday and Sunday count as part of the 3 days allowed for loading or unloading?

Yes. You will have up to 3 full calendar days to load or unload your belongings.


Q: Can Estes SureMove store my things until my new residence is available?

Yes, we can provide short-term storage for an extra fee. Contact the Estes SureMove team at 866-347-2260 for details.


Q: How will I know when my move has been successfully scheduled?

An Estes SureMove representative will call you to finalize the contract. Once you've signed and returned the contract, you will receive a confirmation email.


Q: How can I track my household goods while they're in transit on the moving truck?

You can call to check on the progress of your household goods by calling 866-347-2260 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST. When you speak with the SureMove representative, you can also request updates be sent to your email address.


Q: Will someone call me before the moving trailer is dropped off at either my original residence or the new move site?

The initial drop-off of your moving trailer rental will take place as arranged in your contract. The Estes SureMove team will call you to schedule the delivery when your moving trailer is at the service center nearest your new residence.


Q: Can I be certain that my household goods will arrive at my new residence on a specific day?

Estes SureMove can provide you with guaranteed service for an additional charge. Just ask the SureMove representative about guaranteeing your delivery date.


Q: What if I need to change my reservation with Estes SureMove?

If you need to change a reservation date, you may do so free of charge any time before the scheduled drop day. If you change the drop date on the original scheduled day, there is a $50 charge.


Q: What if I need to cancel my moving trailer rental reservation?

If it is necessary to cancel the reservation altogether, the following fee schedule applies:

  • If the move is more than one week away, there is no charge.
  • If the cancellation occurs within one week of the move, there is a $50 charge.
  • If the cancellation occurs on the day of the move, there is a $150 charge.

Help Packing Your Moving Trailer


Q: How will my goods be secured in the moving trailer?

It's very important for you to use straps, ropes or bungee cords to secure and anchor your belongings and put padding between, over and under stacked items. It is solely your responsibility to use the right containers and to carefully brace your things behind the partition, which is only designed to keep your belongings separate and will not keep your goods from shifting in transit. If you carefully secure your belongings, you will be much happier with the results. In addition, when you pack everything tightly, you will use—and pay for—less space. See Moving Tips for more details about how you can protect your things during the move.


Q: What restrictions are there in terms of what Estes SureMove can carry?

Be sure to review the Do Not Haul list. By signing your contract, you agree to not pack restricted items such as hazardous materials or antiques in the moving trailer. It is also a good idea not to pack high-value items such as jewelry or irreplaceable items such as photos and photo albums. And of course, perishable items, pets, plants and people must not ride in the trailer.

Note that internal combustion engines on small outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers or weed trimmers must be drained of all fluids. No gasoline, diesel, propane or motor oil should go on the moving trailer. This is a restriction mandated by the Department of Transportation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are moving to California from another state that may be infested with gypsy moths, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that all outdoor household articles be inspected, and any gypsy moth life stages found must be destroyed. An official brochure contains more information about how to find and eliminate any life stages of these moths. You are responsible for using and signing the inspection checklist in that brochure and giving a signed copy to your SureMove driver when your belongings are picked up. Failure to comply with USDA regulations could result in significant delays and civil penalties.


Q: What is the company’s liability in case my household goods in the trailer are damaged while being pulled by the moving truck?

One of the main advantages of a self-service moving solution is that you are solely responsible for doing your own packing and unpacking. Please refer to our Liability Statement for more information. Also, if you choose to use our service, rest assured that specific terms and conditions applicable to your move will be available in your SureMove contract.


Q: Does Estes SureMove provide any packing instructions for securing my things in the moving trailer?

Since you are solely responsible for packing, loading and unloading all of your belongings, be sure to review the Moving Tips section of our website. It is very important that you pack and load your belongings well to avoid shifting and damage in transit.

Other SureMove Moving Company Services


Q: Does Estes SureMove do military DITY moves?

If you're doing a military relocation, be sure to mention that when you call Estes SureMove. We can help with your Do-It-Yourself move, and we also offer a discount to military personnel.


Q: Does Estes SureMove haul cars?

No, we do not haul cars, but there are many reliable car carriers that can be found online. When you search the term, "auto transport companies," you'll see many options, including recommendations and comparative quotes.

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