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Choose SureMove instead of traditional moving truck rental and pay only for the space you use on the trailer.

Another reason why Estes SureMove is such a smart choice is that you pay only for the space you use on our moving truck. Use our handy Space Estimator below, or download the printable PDF to the right, to help you budget your time and money—whether you're packing up a cozy studio apartment or even a spacious 5-bedroom house.

Moving from Apartments & Homes

Size of Your Residence (or) Square Footage of Home Linear Feet of Trailer Space Cubic Feet of Loading Space
Studio Apartment (or) Under 600 4' 288
1-Bedroom Apartment (or) 600–800 6' 432
1-Bedroom House (or) 800–1,000 8' 576
1-Bedroom House Plus (or) 1,000–1,200 10' 720
2-Bedroom Apartment (or) 1,200–1,400 12' 864
2-Bedroom House (or) 1,400–1,600 14' 1,008
2-Bedroom House Plus (or) 1,600–1,800 16' 1,152
3-Bedroom Apartment (or) 1,800–2,000 18' 1,296
3-Bedroom House (or) 2,000–2,200 20' 1,440
3-Bedroom House Plus (or) 2,200–2,400 22' 1,584
4-Bedroom Apartment (or) 2,400–2,600 24' 1,728
4-Bedroom House (or) 2,600–2,800 26' 1,872
4-Bedroom House Plus (or) 2,800–3,000 28' 2,016
5-Bedroom Apartment (or) 3,000–3,300 36' 2,592
5-Bedroom House (or) 3,300–3,600 44' 3,168
5-Bedroom House Plus (or) 3,600–4,000 53' 3,816

Compare SureMove Trailer Space with a Moving Truck

Estes SureMove – Linear Ft. of Trailer Space Compares to Space You Get in a Moving Truck
8 Linear Feet 10–12-Ft. Truck
10 Linear Feet 14-Ft. Truck
14 Linear Feet 17–18-Ft. Truck
20 Linear Feet 24-Ft. Truck
22 Linear Feet 26-Ft. Truck
Note: The typical trailer is 28 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9.5 feet tall. As an example of how much space you will get, if you order 14 linear feet, you will get space that is 14 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9.5 feet tall.

Space Estimator: Moving a Storage Unit

Size of Storage Unit (or) Square Footage of Storage Unit Linear Feet of Trailer Space Cubic Feet of Loading Space
5' x 10' Storage (or) 50 10' 720
10' x 10' Storage (or) 100 18' 1,296
10' x 20' Storage (or) 200 22' 1,584
Note: When estimating the amount of trailer space you need, allow a bit more room for large pieces of furniture including large appliances (washer, dryer, etc.) and outdoor furniture.

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