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Estes SureMove is your military moving company.

Military "Do-It-Yourself" (DITY) Moves

Estes SureMove is a smart, lower-cost solution for military "Do-It-Yourself" (DITY) moves to the Lower 48 states and Alaska. Not only do you save by packing and loading yourself, you can now take $100 off your military move of $600 or more. And you can relax…As your military moving company, we’ll do the driving to your new location in our big truck!

Be sure to check with your base transportation office to find out what forms you'll need for your military DITY move. (We can supply you with weight tickets for a small fee.) You can also find information about creating a relocation budget plan on the Department of Defense website and learn more about DITY moves.

Ready to save on your military move? Get started today with a free moving estimate for your military DITY move. Or call us toll-free at 866-347-2260 to learn more about our great military DITY move rates.

Why Choose a DITY Move?

The government typically contracts with commercial carriers to pack, load, ship and unload the household goods of military members with official orders to move, such as for permanent change of station (PCS) and temporary duty (TDY) assignments. If you have an upcoming military relocation, you may have the option to choose a DITY move (also known as a Personally Procured Transportation move)—and pocket a monetary incentive from Uncle Sam!

Basically, you can receive up to 95% of what it would have cost the government to move your household goods (the Government Constructive Cost) if you handle your move yourself. And if your actual moving expenses turn out to be less than the government’s payment, you usually can keep the difference.

Since individual situations vary, check first with your base transportation office to verify your eligibility for a DITY move and learn more about the government’s regulations and required documentation.

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