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How to Survive Moving Nightmares

Moving from one home to another can be a very stressful ordeal. Every routine is changed, including the familiar route from the bedroom to acquire coffee first thing in the morning. While every move will require adjustment, there are certain moving nightmares that can make it much harder to get back to normal.

Having Personal Property Stolen During the Move

Sadly, having items stolen during a move can happen. Two movers, one from Tennessee and another from Virginia, were just arrested for stealing valuables while helping a Kingsport family in a move. When you’re moving overseas, everything has to be inventoried and counted before and after the move to make getting through customs easier and quicker. When moving from state to state, or even just across the street, individuals are often too frazzled with the move to take stock of their belongings and it is easy for valuables to be “lost in the shuffle” and stolen. Whether or not you hire professional movers, take inventory for yourself both before and after the move to make sure nothing gets lost or goes missing.

Problems With A Moving Truck

Moving trucks can be well used, and there is no guarantee that there won’t an old truck won’t break down—or worse. In one case from California last summer, a U-haul truck caught fire and a load of household items was lost while the blaze caught some brush and started a wildfire. Moving truck nightmares need not be fiery to be stressful. Many times individuals who attempt to move themselves by renting a large truck aren’t well versed in driving large vehicles. If you rent a truck on your own, make sure to speak with someone about the condition of the vehicle and its safety features, just in case.

Personal Injuries Due to Improper Lifting

During household moves, it is easy to injure yourself by hefting furniture or boxes in a hurry and without adopting the proper posture. Muscle injury can occur from this strain, causing pain and small tears in the tissue. Injuries to the disks that form the spine are also a possibility, and they could cause debilitating pain and possibly require surgery or ongoing treatment. Joint injuries are also a risk, including shoulder and knee problems. Make sure that you, your family and anyone else helping you move knows how to safely lift and lower large, heavy items to avoid injury when you move.

Surviving The Move Easily

Moving can be seamless with correct planning and execution. Whether you are planning to do everything yourself or to hire a little extra help, it’s very likely that you’ll be dealing with a rental truck company or professional movers at some point. Choosing a company with a good reputation will give you peace of mind and make things much easier. Estes SureMove is an excellent choice for a moving expert that can provide information as well as services to assist with a great moving experience. Having a trusted source for anything from storage and truck rental to help with packing and loading will make all the difference between a great moving experience and a nightmare.

The Most Popular Months to Move

Moving to a new home might be stressful, but we all do it: nearly 40 million Americans relocate every year. Naturally, people do their best to make the moving process as easy as possible. That might mean having a garage sale to get rid of things you don’t want to take with you, hiring professional movers and choosing a move-in date that works with their schedule. 40 million people can’t all have the same schedule, but some months are markedly more popular for moving—keep reading to find out why that might be.

Spring and Summer Weather

People move throughout the year for various reasons, but most move-in dates tend to fall during the spring and summer months, between May and September. Part of the reason for this could be because the weather is nicer and movers don’t have to worry about driving through ice and snow, but there are a few other reasons why these are the most popular moving months.

Settling In Before School Starts

Many families who move during the summer do so because they have children who are still in school. Having to go to a new school is always hard on a child, but it can be especially difficult when the move happens right in the middle of the school year. Both parent and child have to adjust to a different school schedule, meet new teachers and make sure that the child is caught up with the rest of their new classmates. A move during the summer eliminates these challenges. Most children don’t go to school during the summer, so they don’t have to worry about transitioning from one classroom environment to another mid-year. They can start school at the same time as the rest of their classmates without having to catch up on recent assignments.

Moving After School Ends

Moving during the summer makes perfect sense for families who have children, but even those who don’t have any kids seem to prefer to move during the spring. Many of these people are just finishing college once spring rolls around, and they may be getting ready to leave the tiny apartments that were so convenient while they were in school. Not only does this mean that college students are leaving for greener pastures and different homes themselves, but it means that countless apartments are suddenly available for rent. These apartments tend to be fairly inexpensive, and they are ideal for young couples or those who may be living alone for the first time in their lives.

Why The Slow Winter Months Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The spring and summer may be the most popular seasons to relocate to a new home, but those who are trying to save money on a new apartment shouldn’t ignore the winter months. Not many people want to move during the winter, so any places that are available for rent during this time will be a lot cheaper. As much as you may not want to go out into the cold to hunt for an apartment, it might be wise to buck moving trends and start looking around when the snow starts falling.